What Are Viruses?

The term viruses is typically used to refer to all malicious software like spyware and adware, however, this reference is not technically true. A more accurate term is malware which is any malicious software that is designed to infiltrate a computers system without the owners informed consent. A viruses true nature is to duplicate it self over and over and can be transferred through the internet, removable media like flash drives or over unsecured computer networks. Is your network secure? Viruses can come in many forms, most of which originate from the internet.

Legitimate Programs

One of the most common ways for a virus to infect a users computer is to attach itself to legitimate software. Legitimate software that come from shady sources like torrent sites or P2P networks are often times infected with viruses without the user even knowing. Once the user has given the legitimate program permission to to install, the virus is then also given permission to duplicate and perform what ever task it was programed with. Other websites like porn sites and online TV sites are also major highways for virus traffic. Sites like these often times require you to download a program to view their media, while infecting your with malicious software.

Trojan Horses

Though not technically viruses, there is one function that is similar in nature. Instead of attaching itself to a legitimate program like a virus, a Trojan horse will actually portray itself as a useful or needed legitimate piece of software or application. One of the most common forms of this, is the ever so popular fake antivirus programs that tell you that you are infected with viruses, and that you need to download their program to get rid of them.

So, What Do Viruses Do?

Viruses do more than just replicate themselves. Viruses destroy files and can corrupt the Windows File System, causing your computer run slow or not function properly. Some viruses do this very quickly, destroying as many files as possible, disabling or crippling programs of their normal functions, while other slowly infiltrate a users system, allowing more malicious software to be installed, without being detected.

Are You Infected?

If you think you may be infected with a virus or some other type of malware, ask your self a few questions.

Have you recently downloaded any programs from shady sources?

Have you recently gone to inappropriate or illegal sites that require you to download any type of application?

Do you download music, videos or applications from sources like torrent sites and P2P networks?

Have you recently allowed someone insert or install an external storage medium like a flash drive or external hard drive?

Is your computer running slower than normal?

Do you keep seeing some antivirus program, that you did not buy or install, tell you that you are infected and that you must pay to remove the viruses?

Is your internet browser like Internet Explore working properly?

What about your other applications, are they working properly?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you may very well be infected with a virus. Allow us to perform a scan and properly remove these viruses for good. We also offer quality iPad repair in Jacksonville NC