Though we make it a priority to make customers happy and we regularly receive reviews from these same customers, businesses rarely get a review like this . . .

“Over the past month I have had several computer problems. I took the laptop in for diagnostics and found out my hard drive was going. The laptop was under warranty. So it was suggested to save me money to send it to Toshiba and have them do the work. I sent it off to Toshiba and after them having the laptop for over 20 days its comes back and low and behold they replaced the mother board rather than the hard drive. The computer wouldn’t boot or stay on at all after waiting all that time to get it back and sending them specific information about what PC Exchange found. Toshiba gave me the option to send it back into them for them to once again work on the computer. I asked if it could be expedited and was told no. So I took the laptop back to PC Exchange and they have been vigilantly working to get the new hard drive installed and my operating system updated. I can not thank Dean enough for all of his hard work to get my laptop back to normal! Thanks again Dean and PC Exchange!”

This great review came from Laura Long, the owner of Crystal Coast Cleaning Company of North Carolina. She had called us up one day super excited with a smile, you could hear it in her voice when she asked, “have you checked the business section of Lejeune Yard Sales?” After insisting that we check, we discovered an ad that simply stated “Gadget Geeks ROCKS!!!!!!” After taking a moment to read the ad, I was simply speechless. This was most certainly an upgrade from the first review she left us when she had first come in to do business with us. She continued by saying “I posted this last night and there are already over 700 hits!”

Now, I could go on and boast about how great our business is and how we strive to make each customer happy, but her review says it all. Simply put, Gadget Geeks ROCKS!!!!!!